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Enduring nightmares and unexplained loss of time, Cianne is sinking deeper into madness. With her marriage to Whodai looming, she can’t help questioning if she made the right decision when she agreed to be his wife. No matter how handsome or nice Whodai seems to be, she doesn’t love him. But the Guardian is devoted to her and her family. All she needs to do is say…yes, one more time.

Whodai wants Cianne dependent but not broken. He’s worked too hard to gain her trust and he refuses to let anyone, including his mother or the twins, ruin his happily ever after with his Queen. But tying up loose ends and silencing those who might threaten his end game must be handled properly.   

A union of convenience, threats of a civil war, and failed attempts on her life are weights Cianne must bear. Justifiably paranoid, and with no one left to confide in, her only companion is the unholy disembodied voice who taunts her every move, in the Battle for the Halo.