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Shea Swain


​    Author of Delectable Romance

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I write Romance in most genres. My stories deal with adult situations.  Books are for adults, 18 or older. Some books may have Readers Discretion is Advised

I'm an Ethical Author

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SHEA SWAIN’s Favorite @SaSS17

Hot Crab Dip


1 package cream cheese (softened)              1 lb. of Lump Crab Meat (pick shells out)

1 Cup of Mayonnaise                                 ¼ cup of Shredded Cheddar

2 Teaspoons of OLD BAY                 ½ Teaspoons of Ground Mustard

Mix all ingredients (except for cheddar) in an oven safe dish.

Cook 365 degrees for 15 to 20 mins.

Sprinkle with Cheddar, heat until melted.

Serve with dipping chips, toasted bread, or crackers. Romance Author

​​​​​Enduring nightmares and unexplained loss of time, Cianne is sinking deeper into madness. With her marriage to Whodai looming, she can’t help questioning if she is making the right decision by becoming his wife. No matter how handsome or nice Whodai seems to be, she doesn’t love him. But the Guardian is devoted to her and her family. All she needs to do is say…yes, one more time.


If Bleu St. James relied on her first impression of Chris, she might have let him drown. But there was something about him that inexplicably drew her in. Maybe it was something she saw when she stared into his calm face as the plane they were on fell from the sky. Now stranded on a mysterious deserted island, Bleu must not only contend with the elements and find a way to get home, she must depend on a survivalist who also happens to be a hate-filled extremist.