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Stranded on an uncharted Island is bad enough, but when you're there with three strangers and one is a proud member of the White Elites, a racist group who is known for violence, you must fight harder to survive. Though, as days pass, Bleu discovers that Chris isn't the monster he portrays to be.


A bet on two unsuspecting adults may result in "Love Ever After". When Mika meets Alec, the first touch is explosive. Will she take a chance? Will he let his past ruin potential love?........An Contemporary Romance

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5,818 / 30,000. words. BLIND EAGLE% done!

2158 / 30000 words. 7% Betting on Blaque done!

30,225 / 80,000. words. HEAVENonHELLISLAND% done!

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