The Awakening of the Halo

Can you resist the man you love to keep him safe when he persistently pursues you?

If being with the woman you love means your suffering, you experiencing pain, and your possible death…do you 
brave it all for love?

Witness Cianne’s and Tristan’s journey to love. Experience the unpredictable path of their lives as they struggle with loss, betrayal, and the supernatural.

Discover each epic moment of...

The Binding of the Halo Saga! 

The Promise 


COESEN (Co-Sin): In the Ilterian (ill-ter-re-an) language, the word Coesen means the combination of two or more items, particles, or organisms. The Four Originals adopted the term for their classification that defines them as a race of human hybrids who originated from a single tribe on the continent of Africa. Most are born with birthmarks behind their left ear. Each tribe has a variation of this mark that they are born with. Some Coesen is born with an ability. It is present at birth but doesn’t manifest until the age of puberty. Most are born with a single ability. A very small percentage are born with two. 

CHILD of JAI or PET: Jai of the Arkean tribe conceived a Breed with a man named Shaw. Even after her descendant's couple with only Coesens, each is born with the physical features of a Caucasian.

BREED: The child of a Coesen and Middling coupling. Most of these children do not carry the birthmark of a full blooded Coesen. The law on the books state that Coesen parent and Breed are to be sentenced to death, the human parent’s mind is wiped cleaned. 98% of Breed children are born with no abilities but may still carry the birthmark. If they mate a Coesen, their children may or may not have abilities. 

MIDDLING: Term to define a human with no Coesen blood.

PROTECTORS: A Coesen who is chosen by the Source and is infused with power during the transition stage to keep the Coesen’s Ward safe. They sense when their ward is in danger and is able to locate them at all times. These Coesen are stronger and faster than any living entity on earth with exception of one person, Caleb Scott. In history, only two Middlings have been chosen by the Source. It is believed that Middling aren’t capable of surviving the transformation 

TRANSITION: A Coesen abilities become active when they go through puberty. This process is called a Transition.

TRANSFERENCE: When a Coesen is chosen by the Source to be awarded the abilities to become a Protector.

THE HALO: A Coesen whose prophecy states will bear a full halo birthmark and have all the abilities known to Coesen.

THE SOURCE: What the Coesen refer to the original source of power, Lette.

ROYALS: The bloodlines closely related to the Original Four. Only four generations are referred to as Royals. 

FOUR TRIBES: Arkean, Bode, Gedgi, Quende

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In Lette's Words

     “ARKEAN, you hold the bulk of my legacy. You will be more powerful than the others because of your selflessness and eagerness to aid something as alien as me with no prejudice. Your bloodline with reign and yours alone will bear the Halo, the only one of your kind who will be able to contain all of my power.

     “BODE, you are strong and loyal. Your bloodline will produce the harbinger who will see the answers you all seek but will offer only what you need to know.

QUENDE your bloodline will capture and command that which all Ilterian’s hold dear. Life, birth and rebirth…change and growth. Nurture the cycle because without it we are all lost.

GEDGI, you are the most innocent of the four. You have seen much and still you have not let the worries of your world or the influences of life’s harsh nature wither your soul. It is of that innocence and your spirit that you will bear the essence of Ilteria.


The Binding of the Halo

A Paranormal Romance Saga

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The Battle for the Halo

The Descent of the Halo

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